How we can help

Access2Barristers Direct will put you in touch with the right barrister for your legal problem for personal or commercial issues, saving you time and money.

Instead of following the conventional procedure of taking your problem or legal questions to a solicitor who may provide some general insight or perspective but will then refer an enquiry of any complexity to a barrister, we take you directly to a barrister so that you can obtain an authoritative opinion swiftly, and saving one layer of cost.

If the barrister then advises action that requires legal admin, documentation or paperwork to be completed, we can assist in doing this.

The legal framework to enable this to happen is known as Direct (or Public) Access, and was granted as a right to barristers by The Bar Council in 2004; the process is so simple that you can even apply for legal advice online.


Not just any barrister: the right barrister.

The law is a vast landscape, and no-one could be an expert in every aspect. Thus, there are barristers who specialise in family matters, property, tax, contracts and just about every other area of personal or commercial interest.


While solicitors tend to have relationships with one or two barristers’ chambers (effectively a grouping of barristers), and so are likely to seek the advice of the most suitable barrister at these chambers, Access2Barristers Direct works with all barristers who take direct instruction, is familiar with the specialisms of each, and so is able to make an informed choice for you from the widest possible field. This can make a significant difference to the quality of the advice, legal assistance, and/or representation you receive, and so to the outcome you achieve to your situation.


Legal assistance & help with personal and commercial legal questions

We are able to help you obtain an authoritative legal opinion on many specialist areas covering both personal and corporate matters. You can find out more about these services on these pages

Need Advice?

If you need advice, use our contact form to get in touch. Or call us on 0800 955 0956. Your call won’t place you under any obligation to use us, but we will normally be able to advise you immediately on whether the outline details of your situation are suitable for one of our barristers.
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