Why Legal Advice Direct from Barristers can Save You Money

Court procedures and legal battles aren’t the simplest of procedures, and the last thing that you want to have to worry about are the fees that hiring help and advisers can carry. There are ways of getting around these fees though, for instance do you really need a solicitor, or would you be better off contacting a barrister directly? Here are some of the reasons as to why working with a barrister directly can save you time and money.


Working with a Solicitor

It’s particularly rare for a solicitor to work alone or become self-employed; due to this their fees are often extortionate as they work for a larger company that care about the profits that they are making rather than the people that they are working with.


Another reason as to why working with a solicitor can be difficult is because they tend to charge for the time that they have spent on the case overall, rather than the amount of work that they have done – this means that the majority of the time you are paying for their efforts rather than for the results that you would expect.



Working with a Barrister

There are a large number of self-employed barristers and barristers that work for small companies that focus on working alongside clients for their benefit whilst charging enough to make a living.

Due to the fact that barristers often tend to work alone their fees are much more flexible and the continuous direct contact means that they are likely to charge you less as they will understand your case and your background by spending time with you.


By working with a barrister you can avoid having to pay the unnecessary arrangement fees that a solicitor would charge – as most solicitors hire barristers to draft out legal pleadings and other documents, so effectively by hiring a solicitor you’re being charged for their work; and for the work of the barrister that they have hired.


Paying a fixed fee to hire a barrister is also a wise decision as if the case takes longer to finish than you had expected the barrister will still be there to support you and advise you, should you need it.

On the other hand, a solicitor will charge you by the hour for their services and their hourly rate is often incredibly costly. This is one of the reasons as to why working with a barrister is incredibly cost effective when compared with solicitors.


In conclusion, barristers will charge less and the job that they do is incredibly similar to the role of a solicitor, only a barrister cannot sign forms on your behalf or write to the court for you. Although, the decision as to whether you need a solicitor or a barrister is up to you.


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